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General information

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This section includes aggregated statistical data on key aspects of the implementation of the prudential capital adequacy framework in Latvia.  As of end of 2017 data, a consolidated approach is applied to fill all parts of Annex 4 of the ITS on Supervisory Disclosure on aggregate statistical data. In this regard, as of end 2017, statistical data are related to Less Significant Institutions in Latvia. Information for the Significant Institutions will be published by ECB.


This section includes statistical data on:

· the banking and investment firm sector in Latvia (see section Data on national financial sector)

· Pillar 1 credit risk data (see section Data on credit risk)

· Pillar 1 market risk data (see section Data on market risks)

· Pillar 1 operational risk data (see section Data on operational risk)

· Supervisory actions and measures (see section Data on supervisory measures and administrative penalties)

· Exemption from the application of prudential requirements (see section Data on waivers)


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