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Purpose and legal basis for cookies on the website of the Financial and Capital Market Commission

Cookies are used on the website of the Financial and Capital Market Commission (hereinafter – FCMC) in order to obtain statistics about using the FCMC’s home page. Cookies are small text files, created by the Internet browser and stored on your device as an internet user (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.), when visiting our website. Next time you visit our website, your browser will remember your actions and do some of them for you, for example, control the presentation of cookies notification message. Cookies act as the memory of particular website. You can find additional information about cookies and how they can be managed or deleted on website at

Visiting the FCMC website, you as the Internet user will receive a pop-up notice notifying that cookies are being used on the home page. If you accept cookies, the legal basis for the use of cookies shall be consent of the user, and you confirm that you have read information about cookies, the purpose of their use and information that the FCMC uses Google Analytics tool.

For detailed information about personal data processing matters, please contact the FCMC at FCMC address: Kungu iela 1, Rīga, LV-1050, phone: +371 6777 800, email:

How do we use cookies?

On our website, cookies are used for obtaining statistical data on visiting the website in order to assess and improve performance of the website.

Please note that we do not store any personal data at any time.

A service provider that helps us provide web services can create our cookies. Such service provider is the Google Analytics tool. You may opt out of the information provision about your activities on the website provided service by Google Analytics. In this case you need to install Google Analytics opt-out addons. This supplement prevents Google Analytics JavaScript elements (ga.js, analytics.js and dc.js) operating on websites to share information on visiting activities. Information on cookies used by Google Analytics is available at

The cookie fktk_cookie is stored on your device for 365 days and remembers consent to use the cookie.

How to disable cookies?

At your choice, you can control or delete cookies, please find more details at: You can delete all the cookies on your computer, and most browsers can be set up to block insertion of cookies on your computer. However, in this case you will need to adjust your settings manually whenever you visit the website and there is a likelihood that some services and functions will not work.


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