The Central Storage of Regulated Information

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Licence for organizing regulated market

The regulated market organizer is a capital company that organizes the regulated market and provides services related to the public circulation of financial instruments pursuant to the Law on the Financial Instruments Market (the Law), the regulatory provisions of the Commission, and its own articles of association and regulations.

To receive the licence, a market organizer shall submit to the Commission an application along with the documents referred to in Article 30 of the Law.

The minimum paid-up share capital of a market organizer shall be at least 250 000 lats.

The Commission shall examine the application and take a decision on granting a licence within a three-month period upon the receipt of all the documents specified in the Law for taking the decision, prepared and formulated in compliance with the requirements prescribed by regulatory enactments.

The Law on the Financial Instruments Market and other relevant regulations are available on the Commission’s website at

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