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The FCMC’s Innovations Centre is an open debate venue on new solutions, and especially innovative ones that would contribute to the diversity of our financial sector and the efficiency of services, as well as would open up new opportunities for consumers who use these services and for investors who support and promote development.

A new financial service:

If you represent the so-called traditional financial service provider, please visit the section “Licensing” on our website to learn about licensing requirements for the provision of new regulated financial services, such as taking of deposits, investment management, raising of capital, issuing of financial instruments, provision of payment or electronic money services, and insurance.

An innovative financial solution:

If you think that your idea is more likely to have the features of an innovative service, gain assurance of this in the section EXPERT OPINION of our website and contact our innovation support TEAM


As of 28 March 2017, for the persons contemplating provision of innovative electronic payment service and submitting documents for obtaining a licence or registration of a payment institution or electronic money institution, the fee for examining of the documents has been set at EUR 450, (normally – EUR 5,000), in the first three years of operation, the fee for the carrying out of supervision is EUR 1,000 per annum (normally – at least EUR 7,000 per annum + until 1.4% of the institution’s income) per annum.


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