Latvian Capital Market Forum 2021

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Latvian Capital Market Forum 2021

On 19 January 2021, Latvian Capital Market Forum 2021 “Today’s Decisions = Future Opportunities” will be held online (,, in which the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) will present a 10-step programme for the development of Latvia’s capital market and discuss the implementation of the programme and the challenges of Latvia’s capital market with industry experts and opinion leaders.

It is intended that experts will exchange their points, as well as Lithuanian and Estonian best practices will be presented and three panel discussions will be held to discuss following topics:

  • Issuers role in attracting investment
  • Promoting investors’ interest in the Baltic capital markets
  • National capacity for the development of capital market.

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The aim of the Forum is to promote expert discussions and institutional cooperation in order to develop Latvia’s capital market and maximise its potential. A developed capital market gives a boost to the domestic and foreign investment inflows in Latvia, opens up ample opportunity for local and foreign entrepreneurs to raise financial resources, and enables investors to make investment in the development of Latvia’s economy.

To recognise challenges associated with the local market and to address them, as part of the strategic dialogue between the FCMC and capital market participants in 2020, the FCMC has heard the views of institutions involved on their previous experience, the assessment of regulatory framework and the vision of further development. Experts expressed their views on development prospects for capital market, challenges to capital markets in Latvia and possible development scenarios. In addition, the FCMC conducted a survey of Latvia’s former, current and potential capital market participants, as well as assessed Latvia’s capital market situation. Consequently, a 10-step programme for Latvia’s capital market development has been drafted based on the conclusions of the strategic dialogue, survey and the assessment carried out by the FCMC.


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