Activities of the first FINANCIAL EDUCATION WEEK reached target audiences

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Riga, 25.03.2013
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Activities of the first FINANCIAL EDUCATION WEEK reached target audiences 

The events of FINANCIAL EDUCATION WEEK were successfully held from March 18 to March 22 for the first time in Latvia, during which 40 lectures were given, two seminars held for teachers, results of three research studies presented and more than 5 000 individuals engaged the online activities. The National Centre for Education conducted diagnostic tests in economic education for the grade 8 students of primary schools; more than 400 Latvian schools were engaged.

During FINANCIAL EDUCATION WEEK 2013 the organizers of the event offered various activities basically to the children and youth audiences. The LIST OF VIRTUAL ACTIVITIES presented by the associates of FCMC in organizing the FINANCIAL EDUCATION WEEK 2013 was published on the first day of the event encouraging schoolchildren and adults to clarify their level of financial erudition and improve their knowledge through various tests and activities.

According to the results, the FCMC website (homepage and vortal CLIENT SCHOOL) was visited by 30% more users than usual – overall 2187 unique visitors. MONEY SCHOOL of the Bank of Latvia was visited by about 2 050 visitors. Also other testing tools aroused interest, for instance, the test offered by Financial Guru of SEB bank was performed by 350 young visitors, while the test on the procedure for calculation of wages offered by Swedbank Institute for Private Finances was performed by 195 visitors. Twice as many as usual – 146 guests visited the home page of Consumer Rights Protection Centre, the section on the financial services area and risks involved.

Within the FINANCIAL EDUCATION WEEK 2013 framework the representatives of the FCMC management team paid visits to the schools they have graduated from and gave lectures to the schoolchildren in Liepaja (western Latvia), Riga and Limbazi (northern Latvia). SEB bank and Swedbank lecturers visited 26 schools in Riga and other Latvian regions and gave lectures on the basic financial literacy issues and banking everyday operations. Nordea bank’s financial experts provided for interactive lecture at the bank on how to knowingly manage finances. 

The seminar on promoting financial literacy during the mathematics lessons in schools held by the assistant professor from the BA School of Business and Finance Dainis Krikis was attended by 35 teachers, whereas in Liepaja 12 teachers attended the seminar on the current developments in the financial education given by the FCMC expert.

Activities of FINANCIAL EDUCATION WEEK 2013 were developed and implemented by FCMC, National Centre for Education, Bank of Latvia, BA School of Business and Finance, Consumer Rights Protection Centre, Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Latvia, Association of Commercial Banks of Latvia (ACBL), as well as several commercial banks. FINANCIAL EDUCATION WEEK 2013 was held as part of annual event Global Money Week promoting financial literacy among the children and youth organized by the global Child and Youth Finance International movement.

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