FCMC allows the final buyback of AS “Olainfarm” shares

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The Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) has decided to allow AS "AB CITY" to make a final buyback of AS "Olainfarm" shares, because AS "AB CITY" AS "Olainfarm" acquired a major holding of 96.1% and notified of it. The price of one share in the final buyback is set at 9.26 euro.

As a result of the final share buyback, AS “Olainfarm” shares owned by other shareholders will be taken over by AS “AB CITY”.

The buyback price per share is determined in accordance with the method specified in the Financial Instruments Market Law which provides for the setting of the price of one share to be redeemed by dividing the net assets of the target company with the number of shares issued. Net assets are calculated by deducting from the total assets own shares and obligations belonging to the target company. Given that the share price calculated according to the last consolidated quarterly statement for Q3 2021 is not 10% higher compared to the price calculated pursuant to the data of audited consolidated annual statement for 2020, the price of one share to be redeemed may not be lower than 9.26 euro per share.


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