FCMC approves Prospectus of IPAS “Indexo”

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On 21 June 2022, the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) approved an initial public offering Prospectus of IPAS "Indexo" and listing of its shares on the official Baltic List of Nasdaq Riga. Within the framework of Prospectus, IPAS "Indexo" is entitled to make an initial public offering of 535 000 dematerialised bearer shares.

IPAS “Indexo” is planning to make public offerings in Latvia and Estonia, and after closing public offerings to list the shares on the official Baltic List of Nasdaq Riga stock exchange.

A prospectus is a document disclosing information on the issuer and the share to be offered. The purpose of this document is to provide investors with information to enable them to take a decision on the acquisition of shares. The content of the prospectus is laid down in the Prospectus Regulation No 2017/1129.

The prospectus for the public offering, listing and commencing trading in the shares of IPAS “Indexo” is published on the FCMC website at: https://www.fktk.lv/tirgus-dalibnieki/finansu-instrumentu-tirgus/ipas-indexo/.

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