FCMC approves the Prospectus for AS “VIRŠI-A” shares

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On 19.10.2021, the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) approved the Prospectus of the joint stock company "VIRŠI-A" for a public offering of shares and admission to the Nasdaq Baltic alternative market First North. Within the scope of Prospectus, AS "VIRŠI-A" is eligible to make the public offering of up to 1 735 489 shares.

In the future, AS “VIRŠI-A” may offer shares to investors in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, as well as the shares will be admitted to the alternative market First North.

A prospectus is a document disclosing information on the issuer and the share to be offered. The purpose of this document is to provide information to investors to enable them to take a decision on the purchase of shares. The content of the prospectus is laid down in the Prospectus Regulation No 2017/1129.

AS “VIRŠI-A” Prospectus is published on the FCMC’s website.

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