FCMC issues a licence to SIA “DN Operator”

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On 21 September, the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) decided to issue a licence for the provision of investment and ancillary services to SIA "DN Operator" operating "Debitum" platform on the website Debitum.network/en/.

The authorised investment services indicated in the licence issued to SIA “DN Operator” are execution of orders on behalf of clients, investment advice and placing of financial instruments without an obligation to redeem financial instruments.

The authorised ancillary investment services indicated in the licence issued to SIA “DN Operator” are holding of financial instruments, currency exchange services if they are related to the provision of investment services, as well as the provision of services related to the primary placement of financial instruments.

After obtaining a licence during the transitional period, the platform managed by SIA “DN Operator” will phase out offering of investments by means of cession, for both new and existing customers, replacing them entirely by offering financial instruments.

SIA “DN Operator” will inform the customers about the changes related to the change of status, protection mechanisms applicable to investors in relation to transactions in financial instruments in accordance with the Financial Instruments Market Law and relevant provisions of Directive (MiFID II), packaged retail and insurance-based investment products (PRIIPs) and Prospectus Regulation, as well as to inform customers regarding the functioning of investor protection system in accordance with the provisions of Investor Protection Law. Also, SIA “DN Operator” is obliged to inform customers that the means of cession offered during the transitional period are not protected by the investor protection mechanisms mentioned above, as well as of the risks associated with investments in means of cession, financial instruments, and other relevant issues.

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