FCMC suspends Compliance Control Department Director

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Assessing information at the disposal of the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) and an application to the Economic Crime Enforcement Department of the Central Criminal Police Department of the State Police (ECED) lodged by AS “Meridian Trade Bank” (the Bank), which led to initiating criminal proceedings by the ECED for alleged abuse of the powers of former members of the Council and Board of the Bank and alleged fraud, the FCMC has suspended Compliance Control Department Director Maija Treija from fulfilling the duties.

Treija is now prevented from performing the duties of the FCMC Compliance Control Department Director and from being in the premises of the FCMC, as well as from representing the FCMC in other organisations and institutions.

FCMC Chairman Pēters Putniņš: “We are an institution that supervises effectiveness of financial crime prevention and internal control systems, including banks, therefore in this situation a decision should be taken on the suspension of the official, in order to avoid the risks of least doubt shadow and reputation. We will follow progress of ongoing processes, assess the information and ensure information exchange.” 

Treija has been working for the FCMC since 01.07.2015 and formerly had been a member of the Board of AS “Meridian Trade Bank” responsible for risk management.

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