Information to clients about restrictions on JSC “TRASTA KOMERCBANKA” activities

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What is happening with the bank at the moment?

The Bank is continuing to work in its daily mode, provides services and fulfils its obligations towards clients, by taking the restrictions applied by the FCMC into account (namely – the Bank is subjected to a prohibition to perform debit transactions in any currency, including through internet Banking, ATMs and cash to clients in an amount that exceeds 100 000 euros per depositor).

To what do these limits (100 000 euros) not apply?

Money, which will be transferred into clients’ accounts after the adoption of this decision.

Payments of the Bank and its clients into the State budget.

Payments of the Bank and its clients to State and local authorities (including the Bank of Latvia, FCMC, Deposit Guarantee Fund).

Investments of the Bank into Latvian domestic debt securities.

Payments of the Bank and its clients to commercial companies, whose activities are related to the manufacturing of goods and providing services in the sectors controlled by the State and local governments.

Deposit interest payments of the external clients.

Payments of clients to the Bank and its subsidiary companies.

Securities transfer orders for clients.

How will this affect clients exactly?

The Bank is obliged to ensure that clients can freely perform financial operations (transferring or withdrawing cash) during this restriction within the limit set by the FCMC – 100 000 euros. Thus the FCMC’s restrictions will not affect 93% of the Bank’s customers as their funds in the Bank do not exceed this limit. It should also be pointed out that these restrictions will not apply to funds that will be transferred into clients’ accounts after the moment of adoption of the FCMC’s decision. 

How long will the restriction continue?

The restrictions come into effect on the day of adopting the decision, namely 22.01., and shall be effective until the next decision of the FCMC.  The restrictions apply to all branches of the Bank (in Latvia – Daugavpils and Liepāja, as well as in Cyprus).

Will the bank be open this weekend?

The Bank is continuing to work in the daily mode, therefore it will be closed on weekends as usual. 

Will the clients be able to use the internet banking services of this bank?

After the restrictions on bank activities the Bank must ensure  that clients can freely operate with money up to the applied limit – 100 000 euros, it also applies to internet banking transactions.

Why is it impossible to withdraw cash / transfer funds through internet banking now (on Saturday, Sunday)?

The Bank must ensure this service. There might be a delay in some technical solutions related to transformation of the IT systems in accordance with the FCMC limitations. The representatives of the FCMC are already clearing up the matter of the case in the Bank and further information will be provided. 

Are the payment cards issued by the Bank now invalid for making payments in shops? 

The Bank must ensure free access to the clients to their funds within the limit set by the FCMC – 100 000 euros, and that also applies to payment cards of this Bank

What should the clients do now – hurry up and withdraw the limit that is available?

FCMC is not entitled to advise clients on how to handle their funds. That is the decision of each client. Nevertheless, the client should remember that in the term of these restrictions he can freely operate (make transactions or withdraw cash) in a total amount of up to the FCMC’s limit – 100 000 euros.

What should the clients of the Bank’s foreign branches do?

The Bank ensures access to their funds to both clients of the Latvian and foreign branches within the FCMC’s limit – 100 000 euros.

What should the clients, for whom the payment cards issued by this bank is the only mean of settling their payments abroad (e.g. to pay for hotel services), do? 

Paying/receiving money abroad  is only possible within the limit set by the FCMC, i.e. 100 000 euros.  

What is going to happen with the money that has already been transferred to the client, but has not been available in his account until the moment of adopting the decision?

The money that will be transferred into the client’s account on the next business day after the FCMC’s decision of 22.01. will be fully available to the client. 

Will the assets up to 100 000 euros that are currently deposited into the term deposit also be available?

Yes, that applies to the term deposits as well. Nevertheless, if the term of the contract with the Bank has not yet expired, in the case of breaching the contract with the Bank the client should prepare for additional expenses for a breach of contract. All conditions depend on every individual agreement between the client and the Bank.

What should borrowers do?

Fulfil their obligations. While the conditions of the loan agreement are fulfilled, no one is entitled to implement changes in those conditions or make the borrower repay the loan before the set term. The client should not worry as long as he is fulfilling his obligations according to the loan agreement.

Can the client switch to another bank? 

Yes, the client can open an account in another bank and transfer his assets to the new bank within the FCMC’s limit – 100 000 euros.

If the bank will not prevent these deficiencies, what will follow next – deprivation of the licence? 

The Bank is solvent and ensures continuous operation, by following definite restrictions and is working on eliminating the deficiencies. 

Where can I ask additional questions?

Telephone of the bank: 67027777, for mass media: 67027785

e-mail: or

telephones of the FCMC: 67774800, 67774801




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