Warning on the fraudulent calls made on behalf of FCMC

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The Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC), supervising the Latvian financial sector, is warning about fraudsters, who make phone calls to randomly selected inhabitants of Denmark, Italy and France on behalf of employees of the FCMC, State Revenue Service of the Republic of Latvia, Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia or on the assignment of FCMC and other state institutions.

The callers provide false information in Russian (but may speak also in another language) and require person to perform different activities, such as disclosing names and personal data, terminating cooperation with financial institutions, opening special website addresses on the internet and performing activities in accordance with instructions. Callers may offer to recover funds invested by a person in exchange for remuneration.

The FCMC recommends not to perform any activities, not to provide information and terminate the call in such situations.

Information, to which it is important to pay attention:

  • Employees of the FCMC do not call to customers of financial institutions. This happens only in situations when the customers of financial institutions, according to their own initiative, have approached the FCMC regarding clarification of an issue they are interested in and an agreement has been reached on a further conversation via phone.
  • The FCMC never asks to name the card and internet banking information, and does not provide advice on cooperation with any financial institution.
  • The principal language of communication of the FCMC is not Russian.
  • The FCMC publishes information about the decisions made by the FCMC, affecting the interests of customers, on its website and it is publicly available. The FCMC does not personally inform the customers of financial institutions by calling via phone.

In order not to become a victim of fraudsters, the FCMC recommends to be alert, to critically assess the information provided by suspicious callers and not to cooperate with them.

The FCMC recommends to cooperate only with licenced financial market participants, who have the right to provide financial services in the relevant country. You may find it out on the website of the institution supervising the financial sector of the relevant country. In suspicious situations, before disclosure of any information, cooperation, making any payments or investments, we recommend to make sure on the truth of the information provided to you.

For further information:
Aija Brikše
Senior Public Relations Specialist
FCMC’s Communications and Financial Literacy Division
Phone: +37167774807
E-mail: aija.brikse@fktk.lv


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