Ten former depositors of “Ogres komercbanka” have not yet received their guaranteed compensation

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Riga, 04.06.2015

Press Release 

Ten former depositors of “Ogres komercbanka” have not yet received their guaranteed compensation 

To ensure full guaranteed compensation payout to the depositors of JSC “Ogres komercbanka” (in liquidation) and to finalize the bank’s bankruptcy proceedings, the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) asks the former bank’s customers who had filed their claims to the bank’s liquidator in 2007, but have not yet received their compensations, to approach the FCMC. These are 10 legal entities with a total guaranteed compensation owed them almost 31 thousand euro.

The liquidator of the JSC “Ogres komercbanka” (in liquidation) will transfer the remainder of the total amount of guaranteed compensation to the account of the Deposit Guarantee Fund. Further, the FCMC will carry out payments of guaranteed compensation by transferring the funds to the account of depositor with a relevant credit institution within three working days of the date of receipt of application. Pursuant to regulation effective in 2007 each depositor was entitled to the maximum guaranteed amount of 9 000 lats, or 12 805.85 euro. 

The FCMC will ensure payments to the depositors of “Ogres komercbanka” by 13.06.2019, as it is stipulated by the amendments to the Deposit Guarantee Law of 2014, i.e. the five-year deadline is set for guaranteed compensation payment. 

To receive guaranteed compensation depositors have to submit to the FCMC identifying data of themselves and authorized persons.

For further information on the procedure of guaranteed compensation payments, please contact the FCMC Resolution and Guarantee Funds Division by phone +371 67774903, or e-mail fktk@fktk.lv.

As reported, the FCMC withdrew the JSC “Ogres komercbanka’s” licence at the end of 2006 and in 2007 the bank was put into liquidation by the ruling of Riga Regional Court. In 2014, the bank was declared insolvent and bankruptcy proceedings were launched.

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