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With reference to article 6 of directive 98/26/EC on settlement finality, as in force, please be informed that PROBANK SA is, as of today, July 26, 2013, 17:00 CET, under the resolution measures prescribed in Article 63(B) & 63(D) of Law 3601/2007 “ Taking up and pursuit of the business of credit institutions, capital adequacy of credit institutions and investment forms and other provisions”, as currently  in force, by virtue of :

(i)  the Decision of the Credit and Insurance Committee 85/1/26.7.2013, according to which the license of PROBANK is revoked, the respective legal entity is placed under special liquidation and a special liquidator is appointed, and

(ii)  the Decision of the Resolution Measures Committee 12/1/26.7.2013, according to which order is given to the Special Liquidator of PROBANK SA to transfer forthwith, i.e. with effect from July 29, 2013, to the credit institution by the name ETHNIKI / NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE SA PROBANK SA’s selected assets, liabilities, contractual relationships and property items, which include, inter alia, all legal relationships and any rights and obligations arising from its participation, in any manner, in regulated markets, exchanges, clearing systems, payment systems, financial instruments clearing and/or settlement systems, including obligations and rights relating to orders entered into the above Systems before the transfer of the PROBANK’s property items hereunder that have not been cleared, netted or settled by that time. ?he Special Liquidator has indeed executed such transfer, as per the aforementioned Decision of the Resolutions Measures Committee, by virtue of contract signed today between the Special Liquidator and PROBANK SA.

All transfer orders/notices from/to the PROBANK will continue to settle on the same cash and securities settlement accounts, which are now owned by ETHNIKI/NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE SA. The cash leg of these transactions will continue to settle through the same cash management account with the same BIC, which is now owned by ETHNIKI/NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE SA


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