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What is whistleblowing and what is the purpose of whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing is a way of identifying and avoiding a variety of infringements in a timely manner by involving public representatives. Persons intending to raise alarm have the possibility to report the infringements (either actual or intended), which are related to a possible infringement of the interests of the general public.

Regulatory provisions regulating whistleblowing:

In accordance with the Whistleblowing Law any natural person carrying out their duties or establishing legal relations related to the fulfilment of their duties, has obtained information on a possible violation which may harm the public interests, and if the person considers this information to be true, may raise alarm submitting a whistle-blower’s report.

Infringements in the financial instruments market shall be reported in accordance with the procedures specified in the regulatory provisions of the Financial and Capital Market Commission. Regulatory provisions have been developed, introducing the European Union legal framework in the area of the financial instruments market in Latvia, and this framework provides for the possibility to report on the above violations also anonymously.

Further information on whistleblowing:

• The State Chancellery’s website on the whistle-blowers https://trauksmescelejs.lv/ (available only in Latvian)

For reporting infringements, please use a form drawn up by the State Chancellery (enclosed in the Annex).


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