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Supervisory processes

The Information Management System Portal (IMAS Portal) is an online platform for communication between significant credit institutions, the FCMC and the ECB. Via the IMAS Portal, banks may submit information for the assessment of suitability, track the status of processes and exchange information with supervisors involved in the process. Submissions made via the IMAS Portal are automatically simultaneously available to the FCMC and the ECB.

From January 2021, notifications regarding the assessment of chairman or member of the management board, chairman or member of the supervisory board, the chief risk officer, the chief compliance officer, the head of the internal audit service, the head of a branch of foreign credit institution or the head of a branch of credit institution in another Member State, the procurator and the controller of significant supervised credit institutions shall be made via the IMAS Portal.

The IMAS Portal is available on the ECB Banking Supervision website:

The use of the IMAS Portal does not change the legal framework for the division of ECB and the FCMC responsibilities under supervision of significant credit institutions and does not change the rules for assessing the suitability of bank officials.

Useful Information

  1. By June 2022, an updated Fit and proper questionnaire will be implemented in the IMAS portal, the content is available on the ECB banking supervision website.
  2. Link to the information on the IMAS Portal is available on the ECB Banking Supervision website.
  3. If you have questions about the content of information to be included in the IMAS Portal, please contact the FCMC staff, by sending e-mail to:
  4. For technical issues with the IMAS Portal or the ECB Identity Portal, please contact the ECB Support Centre at: or +49 69 1344 7766.


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